What is Jesmonite?

Jesmonite is a water-based composite material traditionally used to make decorative moulded objects. It doesn't contain any VOC's or solvents making it a non-toxic, versatile and durable material.

Pigments can be added to the Jesmonite meaning it can be colour-matched to any colour swatch provided. If you are interested in having a piece made with a bespoke colour, please contact Sophie via her email address sophie@thetexturefactory.com to discuss this further.

We treat our Jesmonite pieces with a sealant that makes it highly resistant to staining and abrasion.

Although measures are taken to avoid severe air bubbles forming in the pieces, some small air bubbles may be present on the surface. 

Product Care

Jesmonite products are similar to ceramic products in the sense that they are durable, practical and useable, but when severe force is applied or they are dropped from a height, they could chip or break.

We use sterling silver for all our earring backs. We recommend you avoid applying sprays or creams directly onto your jewellery. We recommend you store your jewellery in a safe place such as a jewellery box or pouch, clean them with a soft, lint-free cloth and avoid sleeping or showering whilst wearing the jewellery.